Rock music festival attracts thousands of fans

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- “Punk rock has been my favorite thing to listen to when I was a kid.”

Jason Saint remembers being ten years old when he listened to his first punk rock song.

“And it was the Babysitter’s Club soundtrack. It has Green Day on it,” he said.

His passion for music is what brought him all the way to Gainesville from Kentucky for The Fest.

“You know this is a place to cut loose and get away from life’s biggest issues,” he said

The Fest is an annual 3-day festival that attracts thousands of punk rock fans from all over the globe.

More than 400 bands are expected to play downtown this weekend.

Festival goers are given green wristbands that let them into every venue downtown for the 3-day festival.

“We all care enough and come together and make it happen that’s really what makes it special and different from other music festivals,” Tony Weinbender, an organizer for the festival,”

Tickets to the 3-day festival are $160 each.
Not only will there be punk rock and indie bands but also a variety of comedians.

“We’re doing this for the love of this whole scene and this culture,” Saint said.

For those interested in coming to the festival, you can still get your wristbands at the Holiday Inn on University Avenue on October 28th from 12pm-2pm.



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