This amazing smart guitar will teach you to play like a pro | Jamstik Plus

jamstik plus

If you’ve always wanted to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix but the idea of music lessons gives you high school band flashbacks, don’t worry. There’s an app(-enabled device) for that.

The Jamstik plus is like a portable guitar lesson that you can learn on your own. The device looks like a short, stubby guitar neck with real strings and frets. It also comes with an adjustable strap just like a regular electric guitar. This one, though, pairs to an app on your phone or tablet via Bluetooth instead of a traditional amp.

To learn to play guitar on your Jamstik plus, you can download their JamTutor app, which has games and lessons designed to teach you the basics of guitar. It can apparently sense where your fingers are and show you on screen where they should be, so the training is super accurate and customized.

The games in the JamTutor app look a lot like playing Guitar Hero. If you were a Guitar Hero prodigy and were disappointed when those skills didn’t translate to real guitar playing (I’m definitely not talking from personal experience here) this is your chance to make up for it.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of guitar, jamstik “smart guitar” plus can also be used to make compositions of your own. In addition to Bluetooth, Jamstik “smart guitar”plus is MIDI-compatible, which means you can use it like an electric guitar or keyboard to record and play music on any application that uses MIDI.

It’s also a great option for more experienced musicians who want to be able to compose and play music while traveling. Jamstik “smart guitar”plus is less than a foot and a half long and weighs only two pounds so it will fit in almost any bag. You can also buy a travel case for Jamstik plus if you want to keep it protected while you’re on the go.

This “Smart guitar”  is currently on sale at the Mashable Shop for $279.99 — that’s $20 off the original price. You can also save another 10% with the coupon code JAM10. Stop dreaming of being a rock star and make it happen already. Get your Jamstik plus now



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